Friday, June 21, 2013

#UNDC13 Amendment E.1 Annual Life of Brian Wrecking Amendment - Wednesday

It was good to see that the attempt to sneak into the "Alternatives to Austerity" composite a nonsensical amendment to nationalise the "top 150 companies" was comprehensively defeated at conference.

Capitalism was saved! I am sure that the top 150 bosses were so, so  relieved that this amendment was not passed that they were finally able to sleep soundly in their beds.


Anonymous said...


I'm old enough to remember 220, then "200 or so"

John Gray said...

Perhaps anon in the funny old world of trotonomics perhaps they think that 150 is a greater number?

Anonymous said...

One allegation, first made in my hearing by Charles Clarke, was that the figure was 200 because the 201st was owned by the father of Bob Labi.