Monday, June 03, 2013

To try and get justice at work you will need lots & lots of money (or join a trade union)

XpertHR confirm here that this Tory led government has published an implementation date of 29 July 2013 on fees for employment tribunals and appeals.

If this is agreed by Parliament (hopefully it won't) on this day you will be expected to pay :-

"For level 1 claims, the issue fee will be £160 and the hearing fee will be £230. For level 2 claims, the issue fee will be £250 and the hearing fee will be £950. Different fee levels will apply to claims involving multiple claimants.  For lodging an appeal with the EAT, the appellant will pay an issue fee of £400 and a hearing fee of £1,200."

I believe that most cases heard will be level 2. So if you are unfairly dismissed at work you will have to fork out £1200 for a hearing and another £1600 for any appeal.

This is despicable and will deny justice for millions and millions of working people. Bad bosses will treat people with contempt since they know they will not be able to afford these fees. Most trade unions I am aware of will pay these fees for cases that have a reasonable chance of success. Another reason for joining a union.

Better still join an union because you are far, far more likely to have a decent employer in the first place if you have an union in the workplace and avoid needing to go to law! 

The recent small but welcome increase in union membership may mean that workers are beginning to understand (again) that they cannot rely on their employer for justice at work, nor can they rely on the law.

The only people who can really protect them are their fellow workers and their trade union!

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