Sunday, June 09, 2013

Right wing plonker, "idiot" and moron Alex Jones on BBC Sunday Politics

By chance this morning I watched live the American radio "Shock Jock" Alex Jones make an utter fool of himself and his kind on the the BBC Sunday Politics Show. Jones is a complete and utter moronic "conspiracy theorist".

He even makes the other guest on the show, controversial London Times columnist David Aaronovitch seem moderate, sensible and reasonable!

I don't think I have ever agreed with presenter Andrew Neil either but today I did agree that he had an "idiot" for a guest.

What is wrong with these people? I suspect that it is nothing to do with the issue in hand but all about "bigging" themselves up and feeding their gigantic egos. Vulnerable people with similar personality disorders are just their fodder.

Not sure in a free society what we can do about it? I suspect nothing but just treat them all as just plain stupid dipsticks. I believe in free speech and understand being stupid is not catching, so who really cares what they say I suppose?

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