Monday, February 04, 2013

Why does David Cameron HATE the Working Time Directive?

There is so much rubbish spread about EU Employment legislation.

Don't get me wrong, the EU is in many ways a basket case and needs radical reform.

But the reforms that David Cameron and his ilk usually bangs on about are  getting rid of decent EU employment protection measures such as the Working Time Directive.

Trying to persuade lowly paid staff who depend upon overtime to think again and not opt out of the working time directive can be one of the most frustrating tasks that union reps try to carry out. 

Yet, at least they have a choice (of sorts) about whether or not to work these hours and they would agree that they would like to keep that right. The same with having the right to have at least one day off per week, at least 20 minutes dinner break every shift, 4 weeks paid holiday and 11 hours rest a day. These are basic, decent rights of any civilised society.

We have got to win the argument at work that if the Tories get their way they will repeal all these essential measures and more. Ask your colleagues if they want the right to have a dinner break and the right to paid holidays? or should their employers be able to dictate that they work extra hours as they see fit with no day off?

I think I know this answer. But we now need to be making the case to all our members.

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