Friday, February 15, 2013

Lenin woz 'ere

I was rushing to a meeting in central London recently and happened to look up and see this new plaque in Tavistock Place, WC1. This is one of the great things about London that you stumble across such things.

More details about Lenin in London here and here.


Anonymous said...

London's Statute of Lenin

In April 1942, the Labour controlled Finsbury Borough Council had erected a statue to Lenin in front of the 30 Holford Square from 1902 in which he had once lived.

The dead-white bust on its red marble base was regularly attacked and defaced by fascists, even during the war with PJ "Perish Jew" later it was removed to the Town Hall.

Across the road Berthold Lubetkin a communist architect designed the Lenin estate now known as the "Bevin Court" (after a local councillor) off Cruikshank Street.

Lubetkin also designed the London Zoo and Finsbury Health Centre



Our Own Correspondent
LONDON. Thursday 24th April 1942

Mr Malsky Soviet Ambassador in London unveiled a bust of Lenin In Holford Square Finsbury where Lenin lived 40 year ago
Mr Malsky I trust that as the result of our common efforts a decisive turn will take place this vear in the course of the war

The Allies must annihilate Hitlerite Germany The people of Russiat togother with Great Britain USA and their Allies are united in one cause

They must and will destroy Hitlerite Germany

The Times in a leader says Russia has been reborn and regenerated through Lenins leadership He laid the foundation of an edifice whose solid strength firmly based on the united unshakeable national spirit has withstood the utmost fury of a lampant and hitheito victorious Hitlerism

It was Lenin who first brought home to the consciousness of the western world the truth that a civilisation based on antagonism inevitably can led within it the seeds of its own destruction

The Argus (Melbourne)

John Gray said...

cheers anon!