Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Searchlight and Hope Not Hate

I've been a subscriber to the monthly anti-fascist magazine "Searchlight" for many years and supporter of its campaigning arm "Hope Not Hate". So I was concerned to hear that they had some sort of a dispute and have gone their separate ways. Taking on racists and Nazi's is difficult, stressful and even dangerous, so it is obvious that there will be tensions and problems from time to time. These things happen. Maybe it is a good idea to separate the research from the campaigning? I don't know.

Yet I was really concerned to read in this month's "Searchlight" a two page article criticising "Hope Not Hate". Now I do not know the ins and outs of the issues or personalities involved. But I cannot see how in any way this article helps anyone but our real enemies. 

Can these differences be sorted out in another way?

(as usual this is a strictly personal view)


DS said...

Describing anyone with a different opinion as a 'Nazi', 'Racist', 'racist Nazi' or 'Nazi racist' is very tiresome and highly unoriginal.

John Gray said...


It's not about having a different opinion it's about facts.

While some hide it, many of those who Searchlight and Hope Not Hate work against are proud to be racists and National Socialists.

Something tells me that the numpie featured in this post would find it rather difficult to object to being called a Nazi or Racist.