Saturday, September 01, 2012

"The Future of London Government" Newham Compass & Fabians

This should be interesting. I'm not sure that this idea will really work? While the proposed parish council model is different, it does remind me a little of the "One Stop Shop" decentralisation in Tower Hamlets during the 1990's.

I also think that there is an argument that the 32 London Boroughs (and City of London) are too small and that we should really be considering merger?

Or perhaps get rid of London unitary Councils, merge boroughs and have parish councils?

Still, this should be good debate. Hope I can make it.

"The Future of London Government, 

on Tuesday 9th October, 

at West Ham Football Club Supporters' bar, Castle Street, at 7.30 pm.

Val Shawcross is a member of the GLA, and Susanna Rustin & Ted Flanagan were part of the team that successfully campaigned to set up the first Parish Council in London (in the City of Westminster!)"

Double click to bring up more details. Hat tip Christopher (Viva!).

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