Sunday, September 30, 2012

Lab12: Some pre conference thoughts?

I'm in Manchester for the 2012 Labour Party Conference which starts today at 2pm.  I'm here as a Ex-officio (Councillor) not a trade union or CLP delegate.

On the one hand the Party looks in good shape. The Tory Coalition government economic policies are failing, Labour is well ahead in the polls, its in reasonably good financial shape and still pretty united despite the 2010 defeat.

On the inevitable other hand, no one should believe polls, many voters still think that austerity is needed and I don't think we have really worked out a truly believable alternative offer.  There is still time but just being seen as a little bit less nasty than the Tories is not going to really convince anyone nor is it an answer to our economic woes.

Picture is from last nights London Regional reception.  Ed spoke to us about keeping our foot on the throats of the Tories (which went down well) and that the Olympics had showed us what individuals and government could achieve working together. He finished by promising that if elected he would lead a "radical and transforming government".  Bring it on.

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