Tuesday, September 04, 2012

London Paralympics Boos for Osborne & Cameron : Cheers for Brown & Robbins!

I got a message last night from a UNISON colleague who was at the Paralympic Games yesterday and witnessed Tory Chancellor George Osborne being booed by the crowd at the stadium.

It was also reported that Prime Minster Cameron was also booed while former PM Gordon Brown was cheered and clapped when he appeared.

Picture is of the stadium clapping Labour Leader of London Paralympic Borough Waltham Forest, Chris Robbins.


Anonymous said...

The public cheered Gordon Brown? That moron should be exiled off in the Sahara desert.

The mob have short memories. Gordon Brown was the baffon that drove our economy to the ground.

John Gray said...

it appears that the Great British public has much better opinion about Brown!

I think I prefer their opinion than that on anon troll.

Our economy was driven into the ground by so called free markets and saved by Brown.

Free markets economics are now trying for the second time to destroy our economy.

One person’s cut is another's income.

Anonymous said...

Chris Robbins, retired UNISON official and former Chair of the Greater London Labour Party.