Saturday, September 08, 2012

Save St Helier Hospital (Tory Cllrs join Union Protest)

UNISON press release. "Campaigners fighting plans to axe maternity, casualty and children's services at St Helier Hospital in Sutton, Surrey took their protest to the doorstep of sacked Health Minister and local MP Paul Burstow (Sutton) at 12 noon Friday - 7th September - and have demanded a meeting to discuss the proposals which are due to go to formal public consultation on the 17th September.

UNISON members from St Helier Hospital were not only joined by their colleagues from the GMB but surprisingly by a number of London Borough of Sutton Conservative Party Councillors, who apart from pledging their commitment to Save St Helier Hospital held aloft a banner proclaiming "Vote Lib Dem Get Tory Cuts"

Michael Walker UNISON Regional Officer stated

"We have fought previous Governments who tried to close our hospital and won, we will do so again".


Sm said...

It shows that Sutton's local Tories are more in touch with the people than the Lib Dems who have held power here for over a quarter of a century.

John Gray said...

possibly Simon but dare I say there is more than a whiff of hypocrisy?

Sm said...

It's not unrealistic that local Conservatives (or members of any party) might take a different view to party central on a specifically local issue. However I think it is more likely that while there are many things that Tories and Unions fundamentally disagree about, on the issue of saving St Helier Hospital they have found and area of strong agreement.

John Gray said...

agreed Simon. local hospitals for all?

One nation?