Monday, October 15, 2012

National Union Railworkers: West Ham Branch 1919

This is a great picture of the National Union of Railwaymen West Ham Branch strike committee
from 1919.

I wonder where it was taken and what the strike was over?  They appear to be wearing some sort of a


Hat tip Hayes Peoples History.

Update: Mike from HPH has emailed me to say that the picture is originally from The Newham Story.

He thinks that the rosettes had union badges in the centre, points out the man with the union sash and the marvellous motto on the banner "Comrades, Courage and Forward"

" Strike Committee

National Railway Strike, 1919. This is the Stratford District Central Strike Committe Executive of the National Union of Railwaymen.

Back Row: G. Blazeby, West Ham, Banner Captain; H. Bambridge, West Ham; W.G. Jupp, Stratford No.2; J. Miller, Forest Gate; C. Webster Stratford No. 2; J. Little, Stratford No.2; C.G. Collins, West Ham; J.L. Burchell, Forest Gate; G.A. Carter, Stratford No.2, Picket Captain.

Middle Row: C.J. Mann, Forest Gate; W.J. Roberts, Stratford No.2; Syd. Williams, West Ham, Secretary; A. Kelly, Stratford No.2, Chairman; Councillor Tom Kirk, West Ham, Organiser; F.C. Westfield, Stratford No. 2; R. Moore, Stratford No.2.

Front Row: P.A. Woods, Forest Gate, F.E. Mansfield, Stratford No.2; A Wright, West Ham; G. Bramley, Forest Gate."

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