Saturday, June 25, 2022

"Get help with school clothing costs this summer" UNISON "there for you" (Apply ASAP)


School Clothing Grant 2022

Important: Before starting your application, please ensure you carefully read the How to Apply Guide. We cannot accept applications that do not include a membership number and all supporting documents. If you do not know your UNISON membership number, please contact UNISONdirect on 0800 0 857 857 for this information.

What is the fund for?

A grant has been put in place that will assist our most vulnerable members with the cost of providing school clothing. This is in response to the growing difficulties many members on low incomes face, especially with the cost-of-living crisis.

How much are the grants?

They are one-off non repayable grants of £70 per school age child. Only one application can be accepted per household.

Am I eligible?

  • To be eligible, you must meet the following:
  • You are a member for at least 4 weeks and have paid 4 weeks subscriptions before 24 June 2022.
  • You are financially responsible for the child/children and receiving Child Benefit for them.
  • You have total combined (you and your partner if applicable) savings/rolling bank balance(s) of less than £1,000

And either:

    • Your household has a net income of less than £26,000 per anum


  • You are in receipt of Universal Credit or Housing Benefit or Tax Credit payments.

Important information:
Please note that the date of application will be taken as the date we receive the form, and all required supporting documents.
As this is a limited fund, we cannot guarantee you will receive a payment even if you meet the eligibility criteria. It is therefore important that you apply as early as possible.

We will need the following supporting documentation from you with your application form:

  • Most recent payslip for you, and your partner (if applicable)
  • Most recent 30-day bank statement for all bank accounts held by you, and your partner (if applicable) Your bank statement must show all income and transactions for a complete month including Child Benefit Payments.

Plus (if applicable):

  • Proof of Universal Credit or Housing Benefit payments or Tax Credit payments.

Please note we cannot consider applications without a membership number and all supporting documents.

How do I send my form with supporting documents?
Complete the form and email to (please ensure this is password protected):

Alternatively post to:
2022 School Clothing Grant
There for You

How will you contact me?
All contact will either be by email or phone. We may need to contact you to request further information.

Please remember to check your junk/spam folders

How do I apply?

Please read through our how to apply guide and download an application form on our School Clothing Grant page.

Apply for a School Clothing Grant

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