Sunday, June 19, 2022

Widford Circular Walk (Hertfordshire Walker)


Off message but to recover from UNISON Conference, Gill and I went for lovely relaxing 5.5 mile walk today in Widford, Hertfordshire, only 36 minutes by car from Forest Gate, Newham. 

It was listed on the free walking site check out

There was a few lots of "up and down", a little overgrown due to time of year (so shorts were not probably a great idea). Got lost a couple of time but used the subscription ordnance survey app to find a way to re-join route. Some noise from Stansted bound planes but nothing excessive.  

We saw hardly anyone apart from a few dog walkers and gardeners. 

I totally recommend the OS app. It is admittedly a little user unfriendly but it will let you know via GPS were you are at any time and you can work out what to do if you are lost. 

At the end of walk we went to the local village church and saw fantastic medieval paintings then off to the Chequers Pub, were I had a pint of local brew of Treacle Mine IPA, which was delicious. 

I have posted further photos on my facebook page here

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