Saturday, June 04, 2022

Demand better

Dear John, 

On Saturday 18 June, our movement will come together and take to the streets to demand action on the cost of living, a new deal for working people and a proper pay rise. It’s clearer every day that this Government have nothing to offer working people and their families. 


They promised higher wages, levelling up and an Employment Bill to extend rights at work. 

They’ve promised the Employment Bill at least 20 times, over 3 years. But when it came to the recent Queen's Speech it was nowhere to be found. They've conned working people long enough.  


Join us on the TUC march on Saturday 18th June in Central London, and share our social media graphics below to spread the word and encourage your friends to join the march and rally. 

This cost of living crisis is a WAGES crisis. Help with bills is essential, but it’s not enough. We need to fix our economy so that it works in the interests of working people. 


At Labour Party Conference last year, Angela Rayner launched the Party’s New Deal for Working People. Drawn up in partnership with the affiliated unions, it’s a comprehensive plan to improve the lives of working people by strengthening individual and collective rights – repealing anti-trade union laws, including the Trade Union Act, and introducing new rights to help unions bargain, recruit, organise and win a better deal for their members. Keir Starmer has promised Labour will write it into law within 100 days of being elected.  


We’ll be marching for union rights, a proper payrise, dignity and respect at work – and for real help with the cost of living. 


Everything is going up but our wages. So on 18 June, let's come together and demand better. 


Helen Pearce, Director, LabourUnions 

Robbie Scott, Campaigns and Political Officer, LabourUnions 


PS. For more information about the march and rally check out the TUC's website.


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