Friday, December 06, 2019

Why are we waiting? Your vote can save our NHS

Thanks to the Conservatives, seeing your GP can feel like mission impossible. They are destroying our NHS. Your vote can save it. Find out more at #YourVoteCan

The average wait for a GP appointment is now the longest it’s ever been.

But this election your vote can change that.
You can use your vote on 12 December to save our NHS and make a real difference to the people you care about.

It’s not just GP appointments:

  • The NHS’s ability to meet waiting time targets has sunk to an all-time low under the Tories, putting patients at risk.
  • More than 2 million adults in England are unable to see an NHS dentist
  • In October 2019 the NHS witnessed the lowest performance across all A&E departments since records began
  • More than 3,000 patients are now failing to receive their first treatment for cancer on time
  • In the past year more than 78,000 operations have had to be cancelled at the last minute due to issues such as equipment failure or a lack of staff.
This hasn’t happened by accident, years of underfunding, a lack of investment in staff, and an emphasis on profit over care have pushed the NHS to the brink.
We represent people working all across the public sector, and they tell us that the last 10 years have been grim. It’s not just the NHS, it’s schools, councils, police and more that are also suffering from devastating cuts.

That’s why this election has to be about more than Brexit

Your vote can make sure that the voices of the hard-working people delivering public services are heard.
The Conservatives are destroying our NHS. This can’t go on.
Please vote on 12 December to save the NHS, schools, public services and social care.


Anonymous said...

The population increased by 6 million people since Tony Blair and Labour opened the floodgates from the EU.. so schools, NHS, everything will be under pressure..??

John Gray said...

Hang on we have 10,000 LESS doctors, 17120 LOST hospital beds, 106,000 vacancies in NHS, 110,000 vacancies in social care and imagine how schools, NHS, care homes would cope if they did not have EU workers to staff them

Anonymous said...

I guess some of the Millions of EU migrants get sick and also use the NHS? Its not all about EU staff members.
"Full fact" the UK's independent fact checking charity... there are "about 9,000 more FTE doctors between September 2010 and 2016"." and there are "about 6,000 more FTE nurses, health visitors and midwives between September 2010 and 2016". FACT.
So justify your numbers John using a credible "independent" source.. not some Labour Party or Union alarmist fantasy numbers..

John Gray said...

will ask for source but 2019 not 2016 but if you don't doubt number of vacancies at (106,000)?

Imagine shortage if EU doctors and nurses left

Anonymous said...

So you don't know the source of your claims, but you are happy to spout them down a megaphone and go door to door without actually being sure that you have your facts right? There's a surprise.
Perhaps you should listen again to Neil Kinnocks Labour Party conference speech from 1985 and see how much of what he says now applies to you..

John Gray said...

Source is unison! Check bill boards but happy to find citation. Just a little busy at the moment...

John Gray said...

I think it may be this

"Where does the 100,000 figure come from?
There were just over 97,000 vacancies in NHS trusts in England between October and December 2017, according to NHS Improvement (NHSI), which manages NHS trusts in England. That’s around 8% of the workforce. Around 10,000 of these vacancies were for doctors, and 35,000 were for nurses."

John Gray said...

hope you enjoy this