Monday, December 02, 2019

A Healthy School Street for West Ham Church Primary School

This morning my West Ham Ward Councillor colleagues, Charlene McLean, John Whitworth and I went with local residents to support Newham Council Highway officers and school staff implementing the Healthy School Street programme for West Ham Church Primary School.

The main drop off point to the school will be closed from 8.30am - 9.30am and 3pm - 4pm.

This is not only a road safety issue but also designed to protect our children from car fume pollution.

So far 5 Newham schools have implemented this programme and more are due to follow. The vast majority of parents seemed very supportive and apart from a very few grumpy looks from some car drivers this initiative seems to be well supported.

We were really pleased to be invited to the school assembly afterwards to speak to the children about the importance of road safety and healthy streets. Cllr Jane Lofthouse, who is the Deputy Cabinet member for Education was asked to award "goodie bags" to the two school pupils who had helped design the West Ham leaflet to parents about healthy streets.

It was a real pleasure to speak to parents and pupils about this project and I have never ever been as popular as I was today, when handing out today the fluorescence yellow and pink road safety stickers to children that they can stick on their coats. 

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