Saturday, April 01, 2017

UNISON National Executive Council Elections 2017 - STRONGER UNISON

From Monday 3rd April onwards some 1.3 million UNISON members up and down the UK will receive ballot papers and election statements sent to their home addresses. This is a really important election. The NEC is the "Executive" or even "Parliament" of UNISON (in between our National conferences) and deals with issues and campaigns, oversees the running of the union and works with UNISON staff to support members. 

Like my branch I am supporting the STRONGERUNISON slate and I hope all UNISON members will consider voting for candidates who also support this alliance. 

A number of seats were not contested this time and candidates were elected unopposed. This included me and I should now have a 4th term as the UNISON NEC member for Community (UK Housing Associations and Voluntary Sector) General Seat. I would like to thank the 44 branches that nominated me. 

While I respect many candidates who are not part of any formal alliance, if you agree with the manifesto below then please support the candidates listed above:-

* Putting UNISON Members first* Fighting Cuts and Austerity* Fighting for fair pay* Building a union that looks after you* Growing our union* Uniting our union and rejecting the politics of division 

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