Sunday, April 23, 2017

GE2017: West Hammers in Forest Gate South & Ilford North

After a week in North Wales celebrating my Mum's 76th, visiting family (and sneaked in a couple of hill walks) I drove back to London yesterday and today started campaigning in the Ilford North marginal then met up with West Ham CLP officers to agree our campaign plan, timetable and budget.

West Ham members had been out last week on the local campaign trail and in Ilford North on Saturday as well.

I was with our MP Lyn Brown (and Cara - her Labour attack dog) while in Ilford North. The response we got this afternoon in a Redbridge Tory ward was overwhelmingly positive. The current Labour MP, Wes Streeting, who beat the Tories by some 500 votes to take the seat in 2015 was praised by constituents for being an active and hard working constituency Member Parliament.

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