Friday, April 14, 2017

On the knocker in Plaistow South 25 March

On Saturday 25 March I helped out again, the Plaistow South Labour Party branch on a campaign day with local Councillors and activists. The weather was kind to us this time being unseasonably warm and sunny.

There are no elections planned in London for 2017 (apart from local by elections) The top issues on this door knock was "Parking" and "Rubbish". A new Parking zone was welcomed by many residents and criticised by some. You cannot please all the people all the time when it comes to parking.

Newham Council charges for the collection of bulk rubbish items was discussed and whether it increased fly tipping or not. I think there was however agreement that there had been fly tripping even when Newham did not charge for removal.

Interesting discussion about trade union organising with a ward member who is a GMB activist in their private hire professional driver branch. The growing "uber economy" many be generating huge profits for some entrepreneurs but is bad news for many workers.  Check out this amazing video of Uber founder

(Finally note to myself as a branch organiser. One thing that all the canvassers agreed upon is that having double sided canvass sheets is more trouble than it is worth. Political canvassers of all persuasions will know what I mean. The Greens may not agree).

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