Monday, April 10, 2017

UNISON NEC Elections 2017: North West Region candidate recommendations

As well as the excellent regional NEC reps above North West region members can also vote or all the National seats below and for their own Service Group.

National (vote for all)

Black Members
Kebba MANNEH Male Seat
Elizabeth CAMERON Female Seat
Manjula KUMARI Female Seat

Young Members
Andrew ANDERSON General Seat

Disabled Members
Angela HAMILTON General Seat
Kim SILVER Female Seat

Service Group (you will belong to one of these depending on your job)

Denise CHARLES Female Seat

James ANTHONY General Seat
Gordon McKAY Male Seat
Sinead LIDDY Female Seat
Jenny FORBES Female Seat

Higher Education
Dan BEARD General Seat
Liz BAPTISTE Female Seat

Local Government
Janet McKENNA General Seat
Peter CREWS Male Seat
Wendy NICHOLS Female Seat
Lynn POULTON Female Seat

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