Monday, April 10, 2017

40% Rent Up: Can't pay - Will stay! One Housing Tenants Action Group

Tonight the Newham Key workers facing 40% rent rises are meeting to plan the next stage of their campaign. This is the response I sent to One Housing Group following a most unsatisfactory reply to my member's enquiry.

I have sent another separate complaint today to One Housing Group about disrepair in another block. following another one about pest infestation.

Dear ......

Thank you for your response. However, I must admit to being very disappointed and concerned about the response and also the failure to answer my questions in my original enquiry.

Please send me the contact details of your Chief Executive, the Chair of your Board and the tenants representative (s) on the Board.

I would be grateful if you could respond to the following outstanding points:-

1. Will you suspend implementation of the rent increases and the new tenancies?

2. Wait until you have at least had a meeting with your tenants to explain and justify what you are doing?

3. Have you got a copy of the original agreement between Newham Council and Toynbee when the property was transferred?

Following your letter of 30 March please also advise me of the following:-

4. When was the decision made to charge “appropriate rent”(intermediate) to these tenants? Who made the decision? What consultation was done?

5. When was this scheme “designated” as being only for 5 years in order for tenants to save towards home ownership? No-one I have met were aware of this? Who made the decision and what consultation was done?

6. What and when was the “historic error made by your predecessor”?

7. How do you know this was not an error but them honouring an agreement with Newham Council?

8. All the attendees at the recent tenant meeting were on key workers' rents? How can it be suggested that they wanted to increase their rents? Current rents were not disclosed. How many “attendees” are you claiming to have contacted you?

9. Doesn’t anyone at One Housing realise that due to rapid increase in rents in Newham that near market rates are completely unaffordable?

I look forward to your response at your earliest convenience


John Gray (Councillor)

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