Sunday, March 26, 2017

One Housing Group 40% rent rise for key workers update

Last Monday evening I attended a lively public meeting with One Housing Association tenants from across Newham, who are facing a 40% plus increase in their rents. These tenants are "key workers" who work in local hospitals, schools and social/care services.

Some of them have lived in their flats since 1997 and will have to leave their homes and their jobs if the rents are increased by this amount. This is not only a personal disaster to these tenants but will also mean Newham residents will lose key public service professionals.

The way One Housing Group has handled this is simply appalling. There has been no proper consultation and tenants have been given contradictory and misleading reasons and documentation. I have asked as a Councillor for the rent rises to be put on hold until at least One Housing Group agrees to meet its tenants collectively and explain why they feel they have to do this.

The key workers, as you would expect, are reasonable and pragmatic people but they are up for a fight if One Housing decides to provoke one.

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