Sunday, March 12, 2017

Newham Radical SwimBikeRun Triathlon Club - a start

Off message but back from gentle jog around Wanstead Flats & Park, Epping Forest. I restarted cycling into work last week. A group of West Ham Councillors and Party members have been "volunteered" into a FaceBook "Radical SwimBikeRun Triathlon club".

We were talking of the "Cotswold Triathlon" in September 2017 but things have gone strangely, very quiet...

#Sportrate for BB
Distance: 5.11miles
Max Pace: 1.19min/mi
Avg Pace: 12min/mi
Avg Speed: 5mph
Calories burned: 870.0kcal
Time: 61.4min

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