Sunday, November 20, 2016

Nine reasons why you need to go to your trigger ballot meeting and vote ‘NO’:

(I like these arguments. Hat tip Trigger Democracy) 

If you believe in democracy, fairness and choice read on…
  1. No is NOT a vote against Robin Wales and his record. Voting No is actually voting YES to choice, YES to fairness and YES to democracy 
  2. If members don’t vote this November for an open selection, the current Mayor will have run Newham for 27 years (1995-2002 as Newham Labour Leader and 2002 -2022 as mayor)
  3. Party Members will have only been given a choice of candidate once in those 27 years  in 2002. An estimated 95% plus of current members have ever had this choice. 
  4. The current Mayor will automatically become a candidate in a selection, but why prevent debate and other candidates from putting themselves forward? Why after all this time doesn't he want to face a challenge? 
  5. Every Councillor in Newham goes through a full selection every four years as do 17 other Labour Council Leaders In London.  Why doesn't the Newham Labour Mayor face the same challenge? 
  6. The Mayor has executive powers as Mayor) him/her more powerful than any other elected role, including MPs, MEPs, Councillors and Assembly Members.
  7. When Labour created elected Mayors it initially set a two term limit (since removed)
  8. Robin Wales is the only elected Mayor in the country to be seeking a fifth term
  9. Newham is the most diverse place in the UK – isn’t it time it had a diverse selection too. 

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