Friday, November 04, 2016

Councillor Yvonne Maxwell: Hoxton West

Fantastic news. Yvonne (aka Stroppy) has been elected! My former blogging pal and daughter of former Newham Councillor Doris Maxwell, was elected last night in a Hackney Council by-election.

Hoxton West (Hackney) result: LAB: 68.3% (+11.6) CON: 13.3% (+1.2) LDEM: 9.6% (+3.2) GRN: 8.8% (-11.3)

Labour 951, Con 185, LD 133, Green 123.

This is really good news for Labour. Both times I went to help out with canvassing were spent in working class social housing estates. Increasing our vote here after a time when the Labour Party has been in a bit of a mess is encouraging. But one swallow does not a summer make.

Having a hard working good candidate (who is also firmly on the "left" of the Party and a long standing supporter of Jeremy Corbyn) who local activists across the Party united to support, obviously made a difference.

I have of course been telling everyone I know that I have been her political mentor and taught her everything she knows about politics:)

Picture with newly elected (after an open selection process) Hackney Mayor, Philip Glanville, Yvonne and Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn (who has gone through 2 open selection processes in less than a year. Just saying).

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