Sunday, November 06, 2016

Trigger Democracy - A choice for Newham

Can I recommend that anyone interested in the Newham Labour Mayoral selection process for 2018 looks at this new website and its Facebook page and its twitter feed @TriggerDem  

While I may not agree with every argument put forward on these sites,  it is informative, balanced and fair minded. I am really pleased that it is about democracy and accountability and not about personalities.  It does not call for the current Mayor of Newham not to be a candidate - only for there to be a choice. 

I fully support its call for Labour Party members and affiliates in Newham to vote NO in the forthcoming "Trigger ballots" (formerly known as an "affirmative ballots") to get an open selection process.  The ballots start a week on Monday 14 November 2016. 

I have posted here trying to explain the process and why the position of a Directly Elected Mayor  is so important. 

I will post later on why we need a choice and why I personally think that if the present Mayor is reaffirmed without an open selection, he would have been in power for 27 years by the end of his next term of office.  It is surely about time now that there is a meaningful choice about who will be the next Labour candidate for Mayor for Newham. 

I shall also consider over possible reforms and alternatives to the Directly Elected Mayoral (DEM) model. 

These will be my views and will not necessarily reflect the views of others.   

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