Sunday, July 17, 2016

London Recruits - The young Londoners who undertook secret missions against South Africa's apartheid regime

"At a time when ANC membership was banned, its activists executed or imprisoned, exiled leader Oliver Tambo lit the fuse on a plan that saw young women and men travel to South Africa disguised as honeymooning couples, tourists and business trippers.

Recruited by Ronnie Kasrils, working undercover in London, the volunteers exploited the 'whites only' policies of apartheid South Africa to carry out clandestine missions. From 1969, under the noses of the police, the recruits unfurled banners from landmarks, exploded home-made leaflet bombs at packed train stations and played rousing speeches to crowds from improvised sound systems, signaling to thousands of Africans living under the regime that the struggle for freedom was very much alive.

   Their story remained secret for decades. Now, nearly 50 years on, the legacy of their work can finally be celebrated on film. With unique access to the brave women and men who risked their lives in solidarity with the liberation struggle, London Recruits will tell their story:-"

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