Wednesday, July 27, 2016

UNISON Consultation on Labour Party Leadership contest

All eligible Unison members who pay the political levy (known as Labour Link or APF) should have got this email. Let our National Labour Link Committee know your views about who to support (I am also on the Committee).

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Labour Leadership 2016

26 July 2016

The UNISON Labour Link committee has a decision to make and wants to hear your views
Labour Leadership 2016
UNISON membership number:######

Dear John,

As you may be aware, the Labour Party is running a leadership election.

In early August, the UNISON Labour Link committee will be meeting to discuss their nomination.  In past leadership elections they have made a nomination, looking at which candidate most closely reflects the policy priorities for UNISON members and our public services and who has the ability to lead the Labour Party to election success and into Government so that our agenda can be put into practice.

To help the Labour Link committee decide whether to nominate and who to nominate, they are canvassing views from all UNISON members opted into the UNISON Affiliated Political Fund.

What would you prefer the UNISON Labour Link committee do?

Please click one of the buttons above to indicate whether you think they should nominate a candidate. A follow-on question will ask you who they should nominate, if they decide to make a nomination. Your response is anonymous (to avoid chasing people who have already voted, we will be able to see who has voted but not how).

Whatever the committee's decision, the election will be one-member-one-vote, so it will be individuals like you that decide which of the two candidates is elected.

I realise that this is a period of great uncertainty in politics and in the country. Please be assured that whatever the decision of the Labour Party, and whoever is in power, I and UNISON will continue to support the hard-working people in our public services.

Kind regards

Dave Prentis
UNISON general secretary


More information
Can you vote in the Labour Leadership election?
To be eligible to vote you need to be a UNISON member before 12 January 2016. You also have to register as an affiliated supporter of the Labour Party.

You can register quickly and easily if you participate in this consultation by clicking one of the two big purple buttons above – or by using our online Labour Leadership election self-service tool.

Why are you receiving this email?
To take part in political activity, unions are required to maintain a political fund. At UNISON, a small proportion of your subscription (3%-6.5%) can go either into the Affiliated Political Fund (Labour Link), the General Political Fund (GPF), both, or neither. You don't pay any extra to be in either of the political funds, it's just your say over how that portion of subscription is allocated.

Our records indicate you pay to the Affiliated Political Fund (Labour Link). Labour Link works directly within the Labour Party to take UNISON’s policies into the heart of the party.

If you wish to change how your subscriptions are allocated, you can download and complete a form to  transfer to the General Political Fund, contribute to both funds, or contribute to neither.

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