Sunday, July 24, 2016

"Sports Direct" 21st Century Workhouse employer & unacceptable face of capitalism

The press has been full of headlines about vile UK retailer "Sports Direct" as being a "workhouse employer" who treats its workers like dirt.

Where women give birth in its toilets and fleets of "999" ambulances have to be sent out to aid workers who are too frightened to report sick. Never mind those forced to give "sexual favours" to managers to keep their jobs.

Check out this post by Tom P arguing that "Sports Direct" is not only a rotten employer but an economic basket case and risk to those pension and insurance funds that invest in it.

Following the collapse of the share price, investors need to get a grip on the company and its complete lack of governance. Inhumane treatment of its workforce is not only morally wrong but hits the bottom line.

I am really proud of the role of Trade Union Share Owners (TUSO) in helping to bang the drum on this issue. Companies that are human right abusers are also in the long term just bad investments.


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