Thursday, July 21, 2016

Cameron’s premiership saw least housebuilding since 1923

"David Cameron had the worst housebuilding record of any Prime Minister since 1923. An average of 123,560 houses were built in England and Wales during each year of his premiership, according to data released by the independent House of Commons library. 

Fourteen per cent fewer homes were built in England than under Gordon Brown and 21% fewer than under Tony Blair. Launching a new report in Parliament, John Healey MP, who commissioned the research, called for a new “progressive devolution” of housing, aiming to give disadvantaged areas fresh powers and funding. 

The report, written by the Smith Institute, found devolution in housing has widespread support, but progress is “slow, piecemeal and undermined” by “inappropriate” national programmes.  The Independent"

(Not that Blair or Brown ensured that enough homes were built either but...)

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