Monday, November 09, 2015

Vote for Dave: UNISON General Secretary Election from 9 November - 4 December

1.3 million UNISON members will be receiving ballot papers at their home address during the next week or so.

Every 5 years the union democratically elects its General Secretary. Dave Prentis, who is our current General Secretary is standing for re-election.

I have been an activist in UNISON for many years and have come across and worked with all 4 of the candidates.

I will be voting for Dave this time as I think that he is the candidate best placed to unite all the union against the Tory attempts to destroy us and will make sure that we continue to be a member led, member focused union that will put the real interests of members first.

Dave was once described in the national press as being "quietly awkward". He is passionate about public services and our members interests but doesn't shout and scream.

We are living in horrible times, with our jobs, terms and conditions under threat and at risk. We need someone who is an intelligent and thoughtful negotiator who will always fight when necessary and will deliver the best deal possible.

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