Sunday, November 01, 2015

My Forest Gate: Thursday 5th November 8pm Coffee7

My Forest Gate
A discussion meeting for all Labour party members, supporters and friends:
Thursday 5th November 2015 from 8pm
Coffee7 corner of Woodgrange/Sebert Road

Rachel Tripp, Community Lead Councillor for Forest Gate, will lead a friendly and interactive discussion about Forest Gate North.
·         What do we love about Forest Gate?
·         What would we like to improve?
·         What role does a lead councillor play?
·         What would you like to contribute to the community?

Beginning with some information about her role, we will move into sharing our ideas and hopes for how the place where we live might change, and the ways in which we want it to stay the same!

Come along, meet local people, learn more about how Newham's Community Neighbourhood structure works, and contribute your ideas and energy to making Forest Gate a better place.

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