Sunday, November 29, 2015

Amazon is a corporate tax thief who steals from hospitals, schools, the disabled and the elderly

I have "bought" my first Crimbo present. Just donated £3 to"amazonanonymous". 

"Amazon like to hide behind their shiny website, and channel all the cash they make from us into offshore tax havens. Because you can’t find Amazon on the high street, its easy for them to get away without contributing to society.

But we’re onto them. Together, we can plaster their tax-dodging antics where they least want to see it – and in the process encourage thousands more people to join us in avoiding Amazon this Christmas.

Are you up for it? The van could get going, tomorrow. It just needs some cash to get the adverts printed, stuck on the van, and onto the street. Please can you donate a small amount today to unleash the van exposing Amazon?
Click the link below to chip in £3 to expose Amazon's massive tax dodge:

Thanks so much. It’ll be worth it just to see the look on the faces of Amazon’s UK bosses as the van drives past them on Monday morning!

Lots of love,

Amazon Anonymous x

PS.There’s still time to join thousands of us and pledge to avoid shopping at Amazon this Christmas. Just add your name here to get started, and we’ll share loads of tips about better places to get your prezzies :)

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