Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Thank you from Murad Qureshi AM

"An experienced candidate, who can stand-up for East London". Congratulations to UNISON Nominee, Murad Qureshi, for gaining a CLP nomination and being on the ballot paper for City & East.

The role of a London Assembly member is to represent their constituents and hold the Mayor to account. To do this effectively you have to be experienced, honest, organised and competent. Murad has these attributes. Below is his latest flyer.

    "Thank you the nomination.
As a sitting Assembly Member, l can get on with the job of standing up for City and East London straight away, for example through constituent work and scrutinising the Mayor. All this while making the case for more public resources for this very large and diverse constituency.

Recent examples of scrutinising the Mayor include how he wasted council tax monies when he brought the water cannons and his denial of how money laundering in London is affecting the housing market. Constituent work include representing  Londoners against a huge development casting a shade over their homes and getting the Mayor to tackle underground tube noises for residents before the 24 hour service on the tube is running.

Critically London’s population explosion will be greatly felt in City & East and it will need the infrastructure to cope. This case needs to be made now before a new Mayor comes in and as a sitting AM l am well placed to argue for transport infrastructural investment on the roads to the buses, a lot more housing initiatives for East Enders to be housed, protecting & defending public services like the Police & Fire Service - and making sure all this doesn’t adversely impact on peoples quality of life like breathing polluted air.

To do this, l will work with our colleagues in local government in all three Labour held boroughs and the City of London; the wider labour movement like the Unions and Co-op Party; party members from all the CLPs and take a strategic approach to the issues important to all of us.


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