Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Select Committee on Future for Housing Associations - Have your say

My UNISON branch Greater London Housing Associations and the national UNISON Community Service Group Executive are asking members to make submissions to the Parliamentary Select Committee investigation into the future of Housing Associations. See below. 

I posted here my thoughts on the problems facing the sector. I have since found that Newham has the most expensive Housing Association rents in the country despite having the lowest wages in the capital. Why?

(SGE) "MP's are holding an inquiry into the viability and sustainability of housing associations. This inquiry looks at the proposed extension of Right to Buy and how this and a number of other government measures may impact on the ability of housing associations to build and develop.  
The National Community Service Group will be submitting a response, however our response will be stronger if branches and activists also respond using the links below.  
Could you please send a copy of your response to
Please note the deadline is 28 August 2015
For more information on the inquiry please click on:

To submit your response please click on:

(HAB) Dear Branch activists,

As you may be aware the Conservative party promised to extend Right to Buy to Housing Associations. The Communities and Local Government Select Committee will be hearing evidence for and against this proposal and as the trade union representing Housing Associations workers UNISON would like to get the views of its members and activists in order to submit evidence to the committee.

If you have a view, please reply to this email on or before Friday 21st August saying whether you oppose extending Right to Buy to Housing Associations and what impact you feel this would have.

UNISON Housing Associations Branch.

(hat tip Photo to top trouble maker comrade Paul McCabe)

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