Saturday, June 20, 2015

#uNDC15 - Branch support for composite on Pensions

More stuff from UNISON conference. I moved the Pensions Composite on Wednesday and then Doreen was one of the supportive speakers. Our original branch motion on pensions was one of those composited. It is all a bit confusing to those outside the union bubble but welcome to my world. 

"President, Conference. Doreen Davies, Greater London Housing Association Branch speaking in favour of Composite D.

Conference, campaigning for decent pensions, was one of the major reasons for the birth of trade unions in the public sector. The reasons why our trade union ancestors fought for pensions are exactly the same reasons as today.

Decent Pensions are and have always been expensive and the simple truth is unless we can make our employer pay enough money into it then we will end up living in poverty when we grow old.

What we now find is that this Tory government, in order to please its friends and financiers in the City of London, are trying to not only destroy the existing pensions built up by our members but at the same time as they are trying to destroy our pension futures by allowing employers to pay peanuts into our pensions.

Conference, be scared, be very, very scared. There is an army of thieves out there actively planning to cheat you out of your money. On holidays in Spain this summer don’t be surprised if you find yourself being lured into a meeting with someone not to discuss timeshare but how they are going to “liberate” your pension.

Conference, we cannot trust the City of London to look after out interests. Do you remember past miss-selling frauds of personal pensions, endowments and the current the loan insurance scandal.

You cannot trust this Government either to look after your interests. Remember a majority of money to fund the Conservative Party comes from City interests and hedge funds who have been rubbing their hands in glee at recent changes and will be profiteering at your expense. .

Conference, you can only rely on your union to protect you and your interests. Conference, please support this motion today but next week, conference, support campaign to save your pension and for a decent and safe pension for all. Thank you. 

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