Friday, April 24, 2015

"Broken Commitments, Vulnerable Workers" - Human rights violations by National Express PLC

Find out below what happened when two British MPs were invited by low paid and exploited workers to find out how they were treated by their British owned employers. 

On May 6 it will the National Express AGM. If you have a funded pension or insurance policy contact your administrators and urge them to make sure that their fund manager supports resolution 22. 

"Ian Lavery and Jim Sheridan went on a fact-finding mission to to investigate labour rights violations at National Express Group operations in the United States.

We embarked on our trip to the United States to learn first-hand about UK based National Express Group’s North American school bus subsidiary – Durham School Services. We endeavoured to hear from Durham school bus workers and management, parents, school board of education members, elected officials, community organizations, labour relations experts and trade union representatives. 

While we went to Charleston, South Carolina and Memphis, Tennessee we also spoke with Durham workers from Jacksonville and Santa Rosa County, Florida; Grey’s Lake, Illinois; and Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Based on our investigation we produced a report and also set forth recommendations to address the deep concerns we have with Durham School Services.

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