Saturday, April 18, 2015

West Ham & Stratford Campaigning (and one reason why this General Election is so important)

Pictures of some of the West Ham Labour Party activists out campaigning with our Parliamentary Candidate, Lyn Brown and Stratford & New Town ward Candidate, Charlene McLean.

Yesterday evening in Stratford, Green Street this morning and this afternoon in Ilford North.

Check out below one of the reasons why I think this this election is so important. Remember that the Trussell Trust are not the only organisation handing our emergency food to hungry families.

"People reliant on food banks reaches one million

Figures from the Trussell Trust indicate the number of people relying on food banks will pass the one million mark this week. The number of people given three days' emergency food by the Trust rose from 2,814 in the 2005-06 financial year to 61,468 in 2010-11, 346,992 in 2012-13 before jumping to 913,138 in 2013-14 - including 582,933 adults and 330,205 children. Figures for 2014-15 are expected to show a continuing rise despite the upturn in the economy. 

Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary Rachel Reeves described the 618% rise in the number receiving emergency food aid as “shocking” and called on David Cameron to sign up to a pledge to reduce the number relying on food banks. Meanwhile, the Yorkshire Post reports that one in five rural households is now officially classed as living in poverty...."
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(Tomorrow - Sunday 19 April we are going to Ilford North for 2pm. Give me a ring if anyone wants a lift)

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