Tuesday, April 21, 2015

UNISON's NEC Elections: No Need to reclaim our UNION...You already own it!

This is a great flyer supporting the candidates of light and reason who are standing in the UNISON National Executive Committee (NEC) elections.

A minority faction within the union who have been regularly beaten in past ballots are attacking the union's democratic processes.

It is a shame that at the same time that the union is battling employers and the Tory Government that some think it is acceptable to attack their own union and anyone who does not agree with them.

Win or lose my seat, I will accept the democratic process.

Check out my recommendations for other regional and national seats here or on Facebook.

All UNISON members should have received a ballot paper at their home address by now.

If not you should ring 0800 0857 857 for a duplicate. Lines open 6am to midnight, Monday to Friday and 9am to 4pm on Saturday. The ballot does not finish until May 15.

(Hat tip Chris Hanrahan)

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