Saturday, April 25, 2015

Ilford North, Stratford, Canning Town, Ilford North

This collage is a snapshot of campaigning during the last 48 hours. On Thursday evening I went to Ilford North and was sent out with Ross, Jeremy and Glen to speak to the postal voters at the Tiptree Estate. Which is a very well managed and beautifully designed Council housing estate in Clayhall. Lots of safe, green spaces for kids to play.

On Friday evening I was in Maryland, Stratford with by-election candidate, Charlene McLean. This was one of the slowest canvasses I have ever been on since seemingly everyone wanted to stop, speak and chat to Charlene and local Councillor "Red" Terry Paul. One resident even went off and posted her postal ballot paper for Charlene while we watched.

Today we had a lively stall in Canning Town with Lyn Brown, our West Ham Labour Parliamentary Candidate and supporters. It was heart warming to see local residents queuing up to shake Lyn's hand and wish her luck in the general election.

After the stall we went off to canvass in Stratford or Ilford North. I ended up in Ilford North with Cllr John Whitworth and we were given a "car round" to canvass and found ourselves out in the rural part of the constituency.  The results were as good as we get in the more urban areas. People are fed up of this Government and just want the Tories out. 

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