Friday, September 19, 2014

Gordon saves the Union, Scotland says No...time now to move on

To be clear I am so relieved with the result today, yet people I know and respect are utterly desolate and devastated.  Democracy is noble and uplifting but it also can be very cruel and personal.

I don't care what the vile trolls of both camps think or say but I do think that everyone now needs to move on and do what is best for Scotland and the rest of the United Kingdom.

While my preferred option at this moment would be a Federal Britain of democratic regions and nations, I want us all to decide it by "the Scottish way" - that is - openly argue and passionately debate our common future.  England and Wales please note!


Anonymous said...

Aye, we will just move on, aye right. You want us to hide in the corner and just go away.
Your party is seen by a large percentage of Scottish people as the equivalent of the BNP/EDL. Look at your ‘better together’ celebrations in George Square. All you racist fascist anti Scottish scum draped in your Union Jacks attacking Scottish people. Attacking Scottish people and grabbing their Satires and ripping our Scottish flags. Burning our Scottish flags. This is not over pal, this is the beginning.

Anonymous said...

Aye, the scum in St George's Sq. crawled from under their stones after the result. They weren't part of the pro-Union campaign. And you are desperate to associate them with a democratic campaign. It says more about you. John's right. Time to build a united, federal Britain.
Dave Draycott

John Gray said...

Well said Dave. I am sure this cowardly anon igit would have been waving the cross of St George flag at NF/BNP rallies if s/he had been born south of Hardians wall.

The problem is extreme nationalism in all its hideous forms. There is a perfectly legitmate and reasonable arguement for Scottish independance (with which obviously I happen not to agree) but the nonsense and bile put out by both sides of extreme nationalism is frankly motivated by vile and filthy racism - pure and simple. IMO of course for what that is worth.