Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Forest Gate North Councillors

"This is the blog of the three Labour councillors for Forest Gate North ward, in the London Borough of Newham. We are Seyi Akiwowo, Ellie Robinson and Rachel Tripp. We have created this blog as a way of keeping residents informed about our work for the ward and for Newham. Here we hope to blog about meetings, all kinds of issues from very local to national, queries and concerns, and anything else we are involved in that we think you might want to know more about. We hope that you find it useful; please get in touch and let us know".
What a great local blog. Will suggest tomorrow at ward meeting that we have a West Ham one!


Martin Warne said...

You could suggest at the next Labour group meeting that every ward has one!

John Gray said...

I could suggest...:)

Martin Warne said...

As you intend to propose one for West Ham ward this isn't aimed at you, John, but why would any ward reject the suggestion that councillors blog regularly about their work and keep local residents informed?

John Gray said...

Hi Martin

I think it is fair to say that different Councillors have a range of different skills and some are not as Internet savvy as others.

I suspect as well that some will be put off due to lack of time. As you know better than most blogging eats time.

While others probably think traditional face to face meetings, telephone calls and newsletters are much better means of communicating with residents.

While a great fan of social media I think it is overdone and the traditional methods of communicating with residents are still the most important. This might change in future years but not for now.