Friday, July 04, 2014

UNISON Labour Link National Forum 2014 #LabLink14

I'm in Bristol for the annual National Forum (conference) of UNISON trade union members who choose to pay the Labour Party political levy.

There are delegates from all UNISON regions and self organised groups. I chaired the London regional delegation meeting last night where we were briefed on the forum and agreed speakers on our London wage council motion.

Most of us then went off for a delegation meal then had a wander around Bristol City centre. This is the first time I have ever been in Bristol and I was astonished how attractive and vibrant the City is.   In the morning I went for a run around the Castle Park and the miles of water fronts and historic docks. Bristol is well worth a return visit.

I am there as a NEC member of the National Labour Link Committee.  It is a motion based conference but there are workshops and a number of interesting speakers including Jon Cruddass MP and Sadiq Khan MP.

I'll try and blog on as many speeches and motions as I can. 

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