Sunday, July 27, 2014

The West Ham Big Community Iftar

Last Thursday evening after the West Ham CLP General Committee meeting (see post on speech by Guest speaker Professor Ken Spours) we moved next door in the Harold Road Community Centre, E13 to participate in a Community Iftar (the breaking of the fast during Ramadan).

This was organised by the Sheba Project and supported by the Big Iftar - an initiative to bring people of all faiths and none together during Ramadam to share Iftar.

We had a talk by an Islamic teacher about what fasting means to Muslims and were invited to share the breaking of the fast by eating dates and drinking water. After the mobile phones had confirmed that the fast was over - there was probably one of the most successful and inclusive community events I have ever attended.

Lots of lovely food, soft drinks, laughter and good conversation.

Many thanks to all the organisers for (I exaggerate not) a truly wonderful event.

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