Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Has Matalan finally paid its dues into Rana Plaza compensation fund?...Or not?

I was going to post the urgent request from a colleague below tonight but it would appear from here that Matalan has finally done the "decent thing" (we think but let us get full details). Why they took so long and have damaged their brand by doing so is beyond me.

"Hi everyone
Can you please take 5 minutes to help?

We’ve got a day to turn this round – could you phone Matalan today and tell them to pay into the Rana Plaza compensation fund?

They are refusing to pay into the fund which was set up after the collapse of Rana Plaza. Their clothes (papaya jeans labels found in the rubble) were made at Rana Plaza. According to the Fund managers Matalan owe £3m to compensate the victims. Their excuse for not contributing is that they are working with an NGO called BRAC. Whilst accepting that BRAC does good work on poverty alleviation, etc, that will not compensate the families of the 1,129 who were killed or the more than 2,500 who were injured: some will never work again.....

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