Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Saving our Safety Net - the Welfare State is Under Attack

 "We are not Scroungers" - 'Saving Our Safety Net' is a new campaign from the TUC to defend a decent welfare system that provides help to those who need it, when they need it. This short animation explains how under Universal Credit people who lose their jobs will have to wait for at least five weeks before they get any financial support from the government.

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treborc said...

The issue is really if we vote for labour what will they do since they are backing the Tories.

I'm paraplegic after a fall in work the NHS missed my injuries completely accusing me of drinking and falling over and then making a big deal to get compensation, but actually I had a fall according to the Health and safety accident report falling 47ft.

I've hand and neck issues and a badly damaged spine and spinal cord.

Yet when the doctor from ATOS came to see me he put down on the report this patient/ customer has serious spinal injuries and in my medical opinion he will not work now or in the future, he is Paraplegic .

ATOS then found me fit to work, but the DWP over ruled this thank god, then I hear that due to these reviews which has stopped ATOS sending nearly everyone to appeals this had ended and they wanted out.

But due to labour's contribution idea the longer you work the more you get I only worked 36 years, so when I got ESA I lost £38 a week which was a massive loss to my benefits, so all Union members must learn to have accidents in the last year of working before they retire.

The real issue is which party is worth bothering with these days labour has no offers to the working class or the people other then copy the Tories .

Holding down the public sectors wages then the moronic statement about the cost of living, which of course was directed at the middle class not the working class.

I cannot for the life of me vote Miliband or Progress.

Now then the TUC when Blair brought out his welfare reforms I wrote to the GMB about what was going on the GMB sent it to the TUC, and the TUC wrote back saying they were backing Blair's welfare reforms as it was needed, the GMB was running around trying to to get into places like A4e and they actually said that people have a right to be protected from employers, but surely as a GMB member I would or should have my Union look after me, seems not, your only protected when in work.

The welfare state will be dismantled no matter which party comes to power and it's sad, and I think the TUC will again fall into line behind Miliband and his Progress backers.

We are heading backward to the Victorian period fast maybe that's why Labour like the Disraeli one Nation ideology..

But the TUC took a long long time to act, way to late, maybe because the hated Tories are in power, not the beloved Progress lite

John Gray said...

sorry Treborc but your arguments that Labour is "backing" the Tories are simply nonsense.

There are huge and fundamental differences between the Tories and Labour.

I despair of the "consumerism politics" we have in this country. Where people think they don't need to do anything but moan.

There are many things that I would like to change in the Party but instead of just complaining about it - I and others am trying to do something.

What is your solution?