Thursday, July 31, 2014

Better Together UK - The Best of Both Worlds

The Referendum on Scottish independence is obviously a matter for people who live in Scotland. I am half Scottish and use to live in Scotland and if I lived there now, I would vote "No" to independence. However, I think the rest of the UK can also express their opinion and show their support for the union.


Anonymous said...

We Scots want independence so we can get away from Tory politicians and fake socialist like you. I just hope we vote YES. The quicker we get away from people like you the better. Better for us and better for the future generations of Scots who won’t have to live in a country with permanent mass unemployment, poverty, food banks and a life of no hope.

John Gray said...

Hi Anon

You must be one of those nasty cyber nats I keep hearing about! Pity you are anonymous and don't have the courage of your convictions but never mind.

Look, I'm a democratic and believe in self determination and while I don't actually think it will be the end of the world if Scotland votes "Yes" it will be a disaster for the working class in this country - in England, Wales and Scotland. Split the working class and the only victors will be the the Tories. Tartan or otherwise.

The idea that an "independent" Scotland will be some sort of socialist idyll is also naive at best. I remember discussing with my Father (A working class Scot and life long Labour Party supporter and real socialist - unlike you lala lot) about why there were so few Tory MPs in Scotland? He reminded me that the Tories use to be the dominant force in Scotland and had a majority of MPs until the early 1960s. It was no coincidence that the demise of the Tories co-coincided with the rise of the nationalists.

Anyway, support and vote for what you believe in but cut out the nasty cybernats stuff because all it actually does is make people think you have some sort of mental health issue and it discredits your cause