Thursday, April 10, 2014

Fob Off Amazon!

We’ve had an Amazon delivery!

"Hi John
After 4 months and over 59,000 signatures, Amazon has finally responded to the living wage petition that kickstarted Amazon Anonymous.
But Amazon is trying to fob us off. Click here to send an email telling them to try harder.
Amazon’s reply says that: "Permanent UK associates start at a minimum of £7.10 per hour increasing to a median of £8.00 per hour after 24 months…Additional benefits for permanent employees include private medical insurance, a company pension plan, life assurance, income protection and an employee discount."
Even ignoring the fact that £7.10 per hour is STILL under the UK living wage rate outside London, the real problem with this reply is the word “permanent”.
Amazon is trying to sidestep the small matter of tens of thousands of temporary contract workers to whom it pays poverty wages.
It’s simply not good enough.
Let’s show Amazon we’re not going to be fobbed off! Click below to tell Amazon's 'Employee Relations Department' what you think of their reply. We’ve included some template text but feel free to explain to Amazon in your own words:
Thanks for all your support,
Amazon Anonymous"

(just to say that there is alternatives to Amazon - recently I bought online a DVD series box set which was cheaper than Amazon. The only way consumers can change corporate behaviour is to boycott thieves such as Amazon. You cannot engage or persuade such large private pirate companies who get off by robbing their workers).


Anonymous said...

Why dont you support local shops instead?

Business Rates for shops need to be re-evaluated. It is not fit for purpose as shops have competition from the Internet. The cost of parking deters shoppers.

Amazon warehouse don't pay as much business rates as shop on the high street.

John Gray said...

Hi anon

I do – but not for everything.

Agreed but unfortunately this is a central government responsibility. It should be local government.

Agreed (sort of) - Amazon should pay its fair share of taxes or not be allowed to trade in UK.