Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Why its never that boring being "on the knocker" for Labour.

Picture from last weekend's Plaistow North ward "Super Sunday" Labour door knock with our West Ham MP Lyn Brown, which which went really well. UNISON members James Beckles (2nd from left) and Forhad Hussain (2nd from right) are both candidates. The 3rd Labour Candidate, Joy Laguda is also a UNISON member.  Joy had to attend a funeral and was unable to attend. All 3 candidates work or have worked for the NHS. 

Tonight I am just back from being out in West Ham Ward. It was a warm and sunny evening.  It too went really well but just a little too perfect. There was a fantastic "Labour promise" response rate. Household after household said they would vote for us. We had mums bringing out their cute young children out to meet the candidates.

I had a detailed and interesting explanation of democratic Polish politics since the Solidarity strikes and the fall of the Communist State.

Excited first time voters who were delighted we had come to see them and who couldn't wait for 22 May and the opportunity to vote Labour. 

A woman very angry with this Tory led government who she blames for being made redundant and being now only able to find insecure part time work.

An unsubstantiated (but very specific) allegation of political and contractor corruption across the other side of the River Lea.

I also had one man in his 30's who admitted that he has never voted, agree that it was about time he participated and promised to do so this time (for Labour).

I knew it was too good to last. Towards the end of the session the law of averages re-established itself.

I came across a very unpleasant racist who scorned Labour because of all "these dirty foreigners". There was a short and sharp exchange with resulted with the front door being slammed shut very loudly in my face and me marking the address on our list as "Against".

Apart from that - it was a good evening.

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