Saturday, August 24, 2013

Cadair Idris - the Giants Armchair

Off message but just back from a walking holiday in North Wales and Shropshire. Highlight in Wales was a superb walk up Cadair Idris in Snowdonia.

Went up via Minffordd Path, which is the shortest way up but also the steepest.  The weather was as always in Wales, warm and sunny, but it had rained heavily the night before, so lots of gushing water everywhere.

The way up was not as bad as I had expected. A series of hard climbs but some relatively easy bits in between.

The path was quite quiet with relatively few other walkers for the time of year. 

The views all the way up and around were simply glorious. You felt on top of the world. The way down (horseshoe route) was worse since it was just straight down and down on a steep wet, slippery shale path.

Picture (double click to bring up detail) is from the way down looking back towards Cadiar Idris. You walk up on your left and around the mountain range. Believe me this looks easier than it is.

This walk was magnificent and now one of my favorites but not to be tackled in poor weather.  Had a lovely (but expensive) cold beer at Minffordd Hotel at the end to celebrate.

Update: More photos on Facebook here.

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